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SW-Motech Quick Lock Tank Backpack Holder for XJR Tank

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SW-Motech Quick Lock Tank Backpack

A tiny pretty and unique solution is this tank backpack. Excellent for small transports and short trips. With a volume of 6.5-7.5 litre you can carry whatever is just necessary: camera, mobile phone, drinks, snacks and also enough for a rain gear etc.. For a tour the small map pocket is perfect, which is located on top. This system is so unique because the backpack is not really a backpack, it is more a small suitcase with rigid foam box. This is srewed with a special bracket system at the tank cap. The huge advantage is that this backpack is located closely over the tank but don't touch it and therefore can't scratch it and also can't move at all! The backpack is to remove with one hand and therefore no fumble around before fueling.

The shipment also includes a rain cover. Dimensions of the backpack: wide 210mm, high 140-160mm, depth 300mm, map pocket 300 x 150mm.

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