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Wire Spoke wheels

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Wire Spoke Wheels Yamaha XJR for tubeless tires

We now have the first of the newest and most modern wire-spoke wheels get!

The brief comment to this: "They are simply brilliant!"

Not only the great looks that we previously knew, no, also the technical details speak for themselves. Just the rear wheel with sprocket is no less than 4.7 kg lighter than stock wheel. For comparison: Standard rim XJR 1300 RP02 5.5 x 17 inches 11.5 kg, spoke wheel in 6.00 x 17 inches 6.8 kg. The front spoke wheel weighs only 4.6 kg. Solely on the basis of these data, we are already looking forward to the first test drive. The significantly reduced rotating mass will lead to improved handling. As previously announced already, was the special feature of these wheels is that they are driven with normal tubeless tires, there is no tube needed increases the weight and the handling is made worth. The wheels look inside of the bed like any other cast iron wheel, only the brilliant optics of the wheels with the beautiful color variations may not offer any cast wheels.

The color variations of the wheels are in the 6.00 inches rim a bit limited because a higher-quality material has to be used for the wider rim. The 6.00 inched can be delivered in bright lustre-compressed “Shining Silver” or powder coated in matt black. On special request the wheels can also be powder coated in different colors, surcharge 165, - €.

At the 5.5 x 17 inch rim more color variants are possible: The outer rings of the wheels are available in the following anodized colors: silver, titanium, black, magnesium. And in: Shining silver bright lustre-compressed and polished, powder coated in matt black as well. Also here are other powder coatings at an additional cost of 165, - € available.

The fitting nipples (Holding pens outside the spokes in the rim) are available in the following colours: silver, black, titanium, gold, red, blue and orange.

Now we just hope that we have not completely confused you with the selection. We answer questions to the wheels to You of course with pleasure!

These wheels are available for many motorcycle models. Please inquire for your model if it is not listed!

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