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Alu Design Sprocket

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Aluminium Design Rear Sprocket

These Sprockets are an absolute stylish product for your bike, totally different to the stock ones. Here we show, a sprocket not only has to be functional, it also can be a very nice optical part. The second advantage is, it is much lighter than a steel one. But do not be afraid of the material Aluminium, these sprockets last als long as steel ones, the material is very hard (Aluminium 7076-T6). The only thin you have to care about, do not drive it dry, then is you are very lucky with it for many many miles or kimometers.

To keep the design as nice as it is for the whole lifetime, these sprockets are anodized. The standard color is silver. For any other color you you can choose we have to add 10 Euro extra, because every sprocket is made for you and will be anodised in all the other colores that we have listed. Another option is to polish the complete sprocket, then it looks like a shining star, very special, just for you.

For the XJR Model from 2004 up to now we can deliver the spocket with 39,41 and 43, 44, 45, 46 and 48 teeth, but we would say only up to 43 teeth makes sence, because the bigger ones bring a too short transmission rate.

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