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Hyperpro Fork Springs, incl. Oil

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Hyperpro Fork Springs

These fork springs are a very good recommendation for XJR models, because they give you for the first time a good feedback from the street and the front which is not possible with the stock springs. The comfort is good even it is still sporty stiff, the ideal compromise! Who still drives with stock springs will be surprised how good the XJR feels with different fork springs. Even at the XJR from 2002 which is already equipped with stiffer springs you will still notice an improvement of the road performance! You should keep clearly in mind the improvement of active safety which the better fork springs provide! The fork don't strike through and the brake distance is reduced because the fork rebounds the bumpiness of the street much better.
There is something special with the Hyperpro Fork-Kit, because they are allways delivered with 1 Liter of the recommanded oil. So it is a really good deal.
With ABE certificate, no registration necessary!

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